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There are several National Holidays in the summer. July 1st is Canada's 150th birthday and July 4th is of course Independence Day in the United States. National holidays are often celebrated with fireworks.

This week's project doesn't tell you how to make fireworks, but how to represent them with paint. You'll see four different techniques that all yield interesting results.



After the Father's Day projects, the next most popular projects this month were those related to pirates. In particular, the pirate hat had a lot of success.


But several of our other pirate projects were also downloaded many times:

Eyepatch Pirate Hook Treasure Chest Pirate Ship

You can find all our pirate projects in the Pirates section of the Animaplates website.


Because you are a Pro

This week, we published: a Zentangle colouring page of a landscape with a lighthouse, a spot-the-differences game with a ladybug, a mandala, a page for learning to draw a caterpillar, a maze with an ice cream vendor, a pre-writing exercise, a colouring page, a sudoku with pictures of traditional costumes, a connect-the-dots turtle, and a count-by-5 excercise.

Lighthouse Ladybug Mandala 76 Draw a Caterpillar
Ice Cream Maze Pre-writing 25 Animals Building a House
Traditional Costumes Sudoku Turtle Counting by 5


Have a great week!


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