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Spring is not that far away. I find that hard to believe when I look through the window and see that everything is still covered in snow. But I know that elsewhere in the world, the weather is warming up and the trees will soon start budding.

In Japan, cherry blossom trees may bloom as early as in January, on the Southern islands like Okinawa. In the big cities like Tokyo and Osaka, it won't happen until early April.

The new project I have for you this week looks ahead to the spring. Create your own cherry blossoms using recycled materials. It's also a nice projet to make with a group!


Did you know you can also enjoy cherry blossoms in the U.S.? One of the biggest festivals is probably the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. This year it is held from March 20 to April 13, 2019.


Another way to represent cherry blossoms uses some unusual painting techniques. Discover them in this video.



Because you are a Pro

Last week, we published two Valentine's Day printables: a maze and a zentangle colouring page. There was also another wintery exercise: math and colouring with a mitten.

Cupid Maze Hands Mitten (math and colouring)

In addition, you'll find a directed colouring page with dinosaurs, a sudoku 6x6 with forest animals, and a pre-writing exercise,

Dinosaurs Forest Animals Sudoku 6x6 Pre-writing 59

a colouring page, a mandala, a connect-the-dots picture, and a spot-the differences game with piggies in school.

Excavator Mandala 110 Dog and its Dog House Pigs in school



More spring-themed resources with flowers:

Stained glass flower Bee Maze Simple Origami Tulip Wall border with tulips and butterflies


Have a great week!





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