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Did you know that there is a website where you can create all kinds of illustrated documents very easily for free? For example: diplomas, posters, forms, birthday cards, and many other things.

I am talking about Canva ( ). Create a free account and you will have access to a large number of ready-made templates, that you can easily modify to suit your purpose.

(There is also an app for smartphones, but I find that my phone's screen is too small to work on documents that are the size of a sheet of paper, so I prefer to use my computer for that.)

For example, here is a diploma I created in a few minutes:


Another example: I made a poster for Earth Day by modifying the text on an existing template:


Beware: some templates and some images cost a bit of money, but you can easily find enough free resources to suit most of your projects.

I want to clarify that I am not associated with Canva, and I am giving you this information only in the hope it will be useful to you.


Because you are a Pro

This week again, we published a wide variety of new printables: a math and colouring exercise, a spot-the differences game with Asian animals, a maze with a mouse and a cat, a classic sudoku (2 grids).

Scarf (math and colouring) Asian Animals Mouse and Cat Maze Classic Sudoku 4

Also: two types of colouring pages with bears, a mandala,

Bear Bear Mandala 111

a pre-writing exercise, a page for learning to draw an avocado, and a connect-the-dots picture of a rocking horse.

Pre-writing 60 Draw an Avocado Rocking Horse 2



Some play-and-learn projects :

Abacus Counting Hands Forest Animals Game Clock for learning time


Have a great week!





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