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Here is a new project that is simple and fun to make! You can create this caterpillar from an egg carton.

I imitated the colours used by Eric Carle in his book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but you can of course paint it any way you want.




When you talk about caterpillars, you immediately think about the butterflies they will become. There are several butterfly projects on the Animaplates website.

For example, these butterflies made with paper coffee filters. Again, the choice of colours is only limited by your imagination!



Because you are a Pro

This week, we published a counting exercise, a directed colouring page, a spot-the-differences game with turtles, a pre-writing exercise,

Count the Objects 4 Paint Brush Turtle Pre-writing 61

a zentangle colouring page, a sudoku 6x6 with birdhouses, a maze with a cyclist,

Boat Birdhouses Sudoku 6x6 Mountain Cyclist Maze

a connect-the-dots picture, a colouring page with a flower in a vase, and a mandala.

Coffee Pot Vase 3 Mandala 112



More activities with caterpillars :

Caterpillar on a Clothespin Eric Carle's Caterpillar Draw a Caterpillar Caterpillar Maze 


Have a great week!





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