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Saint Patrick's Day is March 17. It is celebrated in Ireland and in many countries where Irish people have settled.

Saint Patrick is one of Ireland’s three patron saints, because he was the one who introduced the Christian religion to that island in the 5th century. Among the miracles he is given credit for is the fact that by the force of his prayers, he would have banished all snakes from Ireland.

But should we believe everything that is said about Saint Patrick? Read the latest post on my blog...



To celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with a creative activity, make this shamrock stained "glass" project. The free document contains the pattern for the clover leaf.



In addition to visual arts projects, the Animaplates website also contains lots of activities in the form of printable pages. Did you know that a Pro membership gives you unlimited access to all our printables for a whole year?

For example, here are printables on the theme of Saint Patrick's Day. In total, there are over 1100 printables with a great variety of themes, and we add 10 new printables each week!



As a Saint Patrick's Day gift to all our members (whether you're Irish or not), the colouring page with a Leprechaun is free until March 17. Get it now!



Because you are a Pro

A new leprechaun colouring page is coming out tomorrow. Because you are subscribed to this newsletter, you can already get it here.

The other new printables this week are: a math and colouring exercise, a spot-the-differences game with sea creatures, a pre-writing exercise, a zentangle colouring page with a lighthouse, a page for learning to draw a submarine, two classic sudokus, a maze with a fish, a connect-the-dots picture, a colouring page with an ostrich, and a mandala.

Fruits (math and colouring) Sea Creatures 2 Pre-writing 62 Lighthouse
Draw a Submarine Classic Sudoku 5 Fish Bowl Maze Comb
Ostrich Mandala 113



More free Saint Patrick's Day activities :

Rice Krispies Shamrocks Pot Of Gold or Witches' Cauldron Leprauchan Hat Card for St Patrick's Day


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