This bunny brings chocolate eggs.
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Easter is only a little more than two weeks away. It's time to get ready for this important holiday. For me, chocolate eggs will play an important role. I like to present them in an original way.

This new video shows how to decorate paper cups that you can than fill with eggs as you like. That makes a nice gift, or an original decoration for the breakfast table. Yum-yum!


The patterns for the ears are included in the free document.


Another way to present chocolate eggs is to make a little basket. You can easily make this one from a paper plate,



Because you are a Pro

Here are four new printables on the theme of Easter: a colouring page with children decorating eggs, a connect-the-dots drawing, a maze with bunnies, and a pre-writing exercise with carrots :-)

Let’s decorate Easter eggs Easter Basket Mommy and Baby Bunny Maze Pre-writing 65

We also published a directed colouring exercise, an additions exercise, a spot-the-differences game, a zentangle colouring page of a cat, a mandala, and a sudoku 6x6 with robots.

Umbrella Butterfly Additions Chameleon
Cat 2 Mandala 116 Robots Sudoku 6x6



More Easter projects:

Bunny Hat Magic Nuudle Easter Eggs Paper Bag Rabbit Puppet Giant Easter Eggs 


Have a great week!





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