Project ideas for Earth Day and Spring.
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I hope you had a beautiful Easter (or Passover) weekend! Have you already had a chance to do an Earth Day activity? Earth Day was yesterday, but it's not too late!

On the first day of May, in certain countries, the tradition is to give sprigs of lilly of the valley. Soon after that, on May 12, it will be Mother's Day in many countries.


You can create your own sprigs of lilly of the valley for May 1st or for Mother's Day! Here is how you can make them with Magic Nuudles ®.

Lilly of the valley


Another technique is to use an egg carton. For this project, you can recycle an egg carton made of cardboard or styrofoam.

Lilly of the valley


Because you are a Pro

The new printables published this week are: a page for learning to draw a lemon, an addition exercise where you count the animals in a train, a spot-the-differences game,

Draw a Lemon Count the Animals on the Train Baby’s Room

a pre-writing exercise with flowers (lillies of the valley?), a zentangle colouring page, two classic sudokus,

Pre-writing 68 Rabbit 2 Classic Sudoku 8

a maze, a connect-the-dots drawing of a cat, a colouring page with a dog robot and a mandala.

Scientist Maze The Cat’s Dinner Robot Dog Mandala 119



Here are already some ideas for Mother's Day:

Jewelry Case Fridge magnets Heart-shaped pendant Hat made with a Camembert box


Have a great week!





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