Daffodils, daisies, roses, and more.
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The flower that we commonly call "daffodil" is in fact one of various types called "narcissus". The most popular are "trumpet daffodils", which have a long, trumpet-shaped central tube or "corona". The trumpet shape plays a role in facilitating pollination.

Daffodils are also sometimes called "lent lilies", because they can bloom in late March (depending on the climate). But whatever the season, you can make your own daffodils by recycling an egg carton.

Watch my new video! This flower is a beautiful gift for Mother's Day.



Here is another flower, also made with an egg carton. It looks a bit like a daisy, but you can make it in any colour you like..


Let me show you some whimsical variations on this project:



Because you are a Pro

This week we published: a directed colouring page with a butterfly, another directed colouring exercise with additions and subtractions, a spot-the-differences game, a maze,

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a zentangle colouring page, a pre-writing exercise with flowers, a colouring page with insects,

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a mandala, a sudoku 6x6 with dinosaurs, and a connect-the-dots drawing of a bear.

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There are many ways to make flowers for Mother's Day:

Paint roses with cardboard Tulip Card A card for Mother's Day Bouquet of roses


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