And project ideas for Mother's Day.
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When I discover something worthwhile, I like to share it with you, Animaplates members, because I think it may help you or the children in your life.

This week, I suggest you have a look at Adventure Academy, a new approach to learning that is radically different from what I do on Animaplates. It is a cross between two apparently incompatible universes: video games and teaching.

I tried it out myself, and I found that the game component is a great motivator for solving the puzzles and quizzes in this game. It encourages the players to seek out information and learn new things almost without noticing that's what's happening.

Read more about this new app on my blog...

Adventure Academy


Mother's Day is getting close: it's next Sunday! You'll find several gifts that kids can make themselves for their Mom in the Mother's Day section of my website.

For example, here is a hat made from a recycled plastic bottle cap. You can turn it into a brooch or a fridge magnet,


This is a simple project that everyone can make according to their own ideas. Here are two other hats created in this way:



Because you are a Pro

This week we published: a connect-the-dots drawing of a daisy, a colouring page, a mandala, a page for learning to draw a bug, additions with ladybugs, a spot-the-differences game, a pre-writing exercise, a zentangle colouring page, two classic sudokus and a maze.

Daisy Coffee Pot Mandala 121
Draw a Bug Ladybug Additions The Dog and the Kite
Pre-writing 70 Cup 4 Classic Sudoku 9 Flower Watering Maze



Here are some other project ideas for Mother's Day:

Hat Pretty brooch for Mother's Day Napkin Rings More fridge magnets


Have a great week!





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