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When you give a gift to someone, the first thing they'll see is the package. Now if the package is home made, it's like they receive two gifts in one.

Here is a box you can make yourself to wrap small gifts, for instance a pendant or earrings that you made yourself for Mother's Day or a birthday.


If you are in a country that just celebrated Mother's Day, this box can also be used to wrap a Father's Day gift, for instance a key fob made from Fimo clay. Father's Day is not that far away!



Because you are a Pro

This week, we published: a page for learning to draw a pomegranate, a math and colouring exercise, a spot-the-differences game, a pre-writing exercise, a zentangle colouring page with a dolphin, two classic sudokus, a maze, a connect-the-dots picture, a colouring page with dinosaurs, and a mandala.

Draw a Pomegranate Beach Pail and Shovel Bees Pre-writing 72
Dolphin Classic Sudoku 10 Doors Maze
Kitchen Friendly Dinosaurs Mandala 123



Some gift ideas for that special person:

Simple Origami Tulip Pendant or Key Fob made with fused beads Earrings Paper Daffodil 


Have a great week!





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