And other ideas for Father's Day
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Today's phones allow us to carry many photos with us all the time. But there are some special photos that deserve a more permanent place, where you can look at them without needing to look them up on your phone.

For such a special photo, make your own picture frame as I show in my new video. This is a project that kids can make, and if they insert a photo of themselves, this frame makes a beautiful gift for Father's Day. Be sure to watch the entire video to see how to make the stand at the back of the frame.


Depending on the decorations (and the photo, of course), this project can also be made for Mother's Day, for a birthday, or any other occasion.


Another way to frame a child's picture is this frame in the shape of a porthole. It is made from a paper plate.

The document for this project includes all the patterns to make the picture with the sailboat.



Because you are a Pro

This week, we published the following printables: an additions exercise, a directed colouring page, a spot-the-differences game,

Egg Additions Flowers in the Sun Butterfly

a pre-writing exercise, a zentangle colouring page with a fish, a sudoku 6x6 with dogs, a maze with a crane bird,

Pre-writing 73 Fish 2 Dogs Sudoku 6x6 Crane Maze

a connect-the-dots picture of a fish, a colouring page with a giraffe, and a mandala.

Fish 5 Giraffe Mandala 124


More project ideas for Father's Day:

Fimo clay Key Fob Card with Ties for Dad Baseball Cap for Dad Fathers Day Card


Have a great week!





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