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Pencil holders made from empty frozen juice boxes may very well be the most standard gift for Father's Day. But that doesn't mean that you cannot innovate and find original ways to decorate them!

Here is a pencil holder decorated with twine. It's a change from the usual and the result is very classy.


No time to watch the video? Read the written explanations here!


Even the more traditional decorations allow original variations. See for example how you can cover the can with torn pieces of tissue paper of various colours, or with wallpaper.



Because you are a Pro

Here are the new printables we published this week: a directed colouring exercise, a spot-the-differences game, two classic sudokus, a pre-writing exercise, a colouring page with a rooster, a mandala, a page for learning to draw a snail,

Flower (math and colouring) Sheep with flowers Classic Sudoku 11
Pre-writing 74 Rooster Mandala 125 Draw a Snail 3

and three printables with bees: a zentangle colouring page, a maze, and a connect-the-dots picture.

Bee Bee Maze 2 Bee



Some other gift ideas for Father's Day:

Trophy Sombrero Pendant or Key Fob made with fused beads Gift Box


Have a great week!





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