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Are you going to a baby shower this summer? Many babies are born in the fall, so it's not surprising that many baby showers occur in the summer.

If you volunteered to bring a dessert to the party (or if someone designated you), here is a refreshing idea that will surely impress everyone.

This cradle made from a watermelon contains a baby made of fruits as well!



Speaking of desserts, here is an easy recipe for making cupcakes. And even if you are not going to a party, you can make these little cakes with children. In doing this, they will learn to follow a recipe and measure ingredients.



Nine weeks from now is International Peace Day. The goal this year is to record young people united in the name of Peace Day from all 193 United Nations Member States.

If you want to get involved, start planning now. See the simple online form here.



Because you are a Pro

Since the previous newsletter, we again published thirty new printables. Too many to show them all here. Two of them are free for all our members (until Friday).

There is a maze and two classic sudokus. Get them now!

Fish in the Sea Maze     Classic Sudoku 14



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