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As I said a few weeks ago, I started a new giant nutcracker with two of my neighbours. For my part, I will create a new model, different from the one described in my book How to make a Giant Nutcracker.

I will show you my progress as I go, in this newsletter. When it is done, I will publish the instructions. (But that may not be in time for Christmas this year). Here is a picture that shows the main components. Its a start!



From time to time, I receive pictures from people who made a giant nutcracker based on my book. But this summer, I received photos from a team of volunteers who made four of them for a Camper's Christmas event.

These nutcrackers were part of an absolutely magnificent holiday decor. They spent over 1200 hours preparing all that! You must really go and see their pictures and the interview in my new blog post!



There weren't many responses to the opinion poll in my last newsletter, so I will go ahead and continue on a bi-weekly schedule. Next newsletter will be in two weeks.

But don't worry, we will still publish 10 new printables each week.


Because you are a Pro

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