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You surely have heard the song Baby Shark, haven't you? Music is not my specialty, but I still wanted to contribute to this phenomenon that fascinates kids, by creating a big shark that can be used as a photo booth or as a game where children toss balls into the mouth of the shark.

Have a look at my new video where I show how to make this easy project.



Do you know the origin of the song Baby Shark and of its video that went "viral" around the world?

Apparently, the origin is a camp song, but the first version that exploded on YouTube in 2007 (with over 22 million views now) was made by a young German woman. It tells the story of a little shark who grows up and eats a swimmer. (Remember the movie Jaws?)


Another version was published a few years later by children's entertainer Johnny Only, but the version that took over the world was produced in 2016 by Korean company PinkFong.

The song's reach is so wide that even James Corben's The Late Late Show made a version of it with very serious singers: Sophie Turner and Josh Groban.


A warning though: If you listen to all these versions, you won't be able to get the song out of your head. But if you are around kids, it's probably too late for that already...


Changing topics completely: I love projects that combine creativity with different areas of learning. In this case human anatomy.

This 36" (90 cm) high skeleton is a schematic representation of the human skeleton. But at the same time, it's a great Halloween decoration. And if you paint it with fluorescent paint, this skeleton will be very scary in the dark!


The project guide contains all the patterns you will need to make the skeleton.


Because you are a Pro

Do you know about Animaplates crossword puzzles? There is even one with vocabulary related to the human skeleton. (Nothing to do with Halloween ☺)

Human Skeleton

We will be publishing lots of new printables for Halloween between now and October 31st, in addition to the many printables that are already on the website. Here are a few examples: a poster to announce your activities, several colouring pages, mazes, connect-the-dots pictures, a word search puzzle, etc.

Halloween Poster Ghosts Witch and Candy Maze
Bat Halloween



More Halloween projects:

Bat finger puppet Scary Spider Jar Halloween Ghost Leaves Pumpkins


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