Best wishes for the holidays!
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Snowflakes are such a powerful symbol of winter and the holiday season that in the Caribbean, palm trees are decorated with snowflakes, even though it never snows there!

Wherever you live and whether it snows or not, you can make your own snowflakes with cardboard tubes. See how pretty they can be in my new video.



There are of course many other ways to make snowflakes. Here are snowflakes made with Q-tips or popsicle sticks.



Because you are a Pro

Here are the 10 new printables that we published since last week's newsletter: a counting exercise, a spot-the-differences game, a maze with Santa's elves,

Count the Objects 13 Postage Stamps Christmas Elves Maze 2

two classic sudokus, a zentangle colouring page, a pre-writing exercise, a picture of Santa Claus for colouring,

Classic Sudoku 25 Christmas Ornaments 2 Pre-writing 102 Santa makes his list

a mandala, a page for learning to draw a persimmon (a sweet fruit that looks a bit like a tomato), and a connect-the-dots picture of a reindeer.

Mandala 153 Draw a Persimmon Reindeer

All these resources are yours with a Pro membership ! In addition, a Pro membership gives you 40 credits that you can spend any way you want on the website.



Recipes and other ideas for the season:

Strawberry Santa Hats Recipe Appetizer Tree Ice Sculpture Snowman Soup


This is my last newsletter of 2019. I wish you wonderful holidays!




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