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Happy New Year 2020! I wish you success in all your undertakings, and lots of fun with Animaplates!

To celebrate the start of this new decade, our first zentangle colouring page of the year is free for all our members. Get it now!



In the lunar calendar which is often referred to as the Chinese calendar, the Year of the Rat starts on Saturday January 25, 2020.

To mark this event, I designed a new paper bag puppet. The patterns in the document also allow you to make an articulated paper rat or mouse.



Rats and mice play a role in many fables and stories. Another way to represent them is with this puppet made from a paper bowl. The body of this mouse is made of fabric or felt.



Because you are a Pro

This year, we will publish a new printable every day. Here is a preview of the new printables that will be published this week.

First, a zentangle colouring page with a rat and a sudoku 6x6 with Chinese lanterns, in honour of the Year of the Rat.

Rat Chinese Lanterns Sudoku 6x6

And, because it's winter, a spot-the-differences game with snowmen, a connect-the-dots picture of a winter coat, and a polar bear maze.

Five snowmen Winter Coat Polar Bears Maze

Also, a colouring page with a seal, and a pre-writing exercise.

Seal Pre-writing 105

All these resources are yours with a Pro membership ! In addition, a Pro membership gives you 40 credits that you can spend any way you want on the website.



The Chinese New year is celebrated with lanterns. To find out more about that, read my blog post.

Here are a few ways to make Chinese lanterns, and a colouring page of a lantern. Never use real candles in these paper lanterns, but always LED lights!

Chinese Lantern with paper plates Chinese lantern Cheesebox Lantern Chinese Lantern


Have a great week!




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