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Valentine's Day is coming! Did you know that 66% of men who buy flowers for Valentine's Day give them to their spouse? On the other hand, 16% of women buy flowers for themselves. I just give you the numbers, interpret them as you like :-)

84% of flowers sold for Valentine's Day are roses. More than 250 million roses, mostly red, are produced just for this day.

For your Valentine or for yourself, here is a unique heart-shaped flower that you can easily make in the colour of your choice.



Another nice projet that gives good results with children is this stained glass heart made with tissue paper.

Very pretty when you hang it on a window and the light shines through!



Because you are a Pro

Among the new printables that we published since the previous newsletter, several are great for Valentine's Day.

For example, you'll find a zentangle colouring page of a heart, a maze with an arrow, another maze with a lovesick frog, and a colouring page with two bears.

Heart 3 Arrow and Heart Maze Frogs in Love Maze Two Bears

Here is a peek at our collection of Valentine's Day printables. There is something for everyone!


All these resources are yours with a Pro membership ! In addition, a Pro membership gives you 40 credits that you can spend any way you want on the website.



More project ideas for Valentine's Day:

Heart made with beads Valentine Light Tiny Hands Valentine Card Romantic Card


Have a great week!




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