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March 17 is Saint Patrick's Day. Ireland's patron saint day is not only celebrated in Ireland, but also in many countries where Irish people have settled, including the United States and Canada.

Because of the always green vegetation in Ireland, the colour green is associated with the island. For reasons that are not so clear (read the article on my blog), the shamrock, or clover leaf, became a symbol of Saint Patrick.

To make a Saint Patrick's Day greeting card, here is a technique for printing shamrocks using wine corks.



Another activity, that will please even those who do not have a drop of Irish blood, is this recipe for shamrock shaped treats made with rice krispies.



Because you are a Pro

Since the previous newsletter, we added two new printables for Saint Patrick's Day to all the ones that were already there.

Until March 17, the new maze is free for all our members.

Leprechaun with Pot of Gold Saint Patrick's Day Maze 3

Among the other new printables, you'll find a zentangle colouring page and a maze with cats, as well as two underwater connect-the-dots pictures.

Cat under a blanket Cats Maze Jellyfish 2 Fish in Seaweed 2

All these resources are yours with a Pro membership ! In addition, a Pro membership gives you 40 credits that you can spend any way you want on the website.



More project ideas for Saint Patrick's Day:

Stained Glass Shamrock Card for St Patrick's Day Pot Of Gold or Witches' Cauldron Leprauchan Hat


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