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Spring is here, but the whole world seems focused on the coronavirus. I truly hope that you are in good health and that you are managing to adapt to the new kind of life imposed on us by the circumstances.

For my part, I will try to help you keep your kids occupied while they are housebound, by publishing a newsletter every week with fun and positive activities. That will of course include new Animaplates projects, but also other people's resources that I have tested and found interesting.

Mention Animaplates to your friends, on Facebook or elsewhere, so that they too can benefit from our activities!


Easter is sure going to be different this year. I was planning to invite my sons and their families, but this year we practice social distancing and there won't be a meal that brings everyone together.

For families that are confined by a lockdown, it's important to have activities in common. I created a new video where I show how to make Easter Bunny Prints. You can use this technique to make greeting cards for Easter. Or, if you don't have any postage stamps at home, take a picture of the finished project and send it to the grandparents or friends via the internet. Confinement doesn't mean we have to stop communicating !



More than ever, this is the time to take advantage of the over 250 free projects you can find on the Animaplates website! Most activities use materials that you already have at home, so no need to go to a store.



To give you an even greater choice of activities to do with your childnre, we offer an unprecedented 25% off all our products (except gift cards). This offer also applies to Basic and Pro memberships, and it is valid until April 30, 2020 !


To take advantage of this offer, enter the code IStayAtHome in the "Have a coupon?" box on the "Secure Order Form". Share this coupon code with your friends and colleagues.


Because you are a Pro

Since the previous newsletter, we published 14 new printables, including these two on a space theme.

Space Sudoku 6x6 Spaceship 3

All the printables, and much more, are yours with a Pro membership ! This is the time to take advantage of our 25% rebate on membership prices! (see details above).



See also our other Easter crafts, for instance:

Hen and Nest Paper Bag Rabbit Puppet Easter Tree Egg Decorating


Take care of yourself and see you next week!




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