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I consider myself very lucky to be able to continue my work for Animaplates from the comfort of my home, and to be able to keep in contact with you through this newsletter and your comments by email, on my website and on YouTube, without worrying about social distancing.

I was particularly moved by a message I received last week from a subscriber named Maylis:

I find your website very well done, full of simple and workable ideas. Thank you, especially in this particular period, when everyone must find ideas to occupy the time of the children.

Thank you Maylis! I will continue to do my best to publish activities that are both fun and educational.


Suzanne Gohier of Éditions Caméléa informed me that their website has free activities targeted at kids in grades 1 and 2, that are perfect for keeping children busy while they are confined to their home.

To access these activities, read my new blog post!


For kids 8 to 13 years old, I recommend you have a look at an interactive educational game called Adventure Academy.

I usually am not a promponent of computer games. I believe that person-to-person education is better, and that manipulating concrete objects is more effective that virtual environments, but exceptional circumstances force us to find new solutions for education as well.

If you want to know why this interactive environment really surprised me, read my blog post...

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Disclosure: If you enroll in Adventure Academy using the link above, Animaplates receives a small compensation.


Because you are a Pro

This week again, we published a nice variety of printables.

For starters, because Easter is coming, a connect-the-dots picture of an egg, and a colouring page of a bunny preparing a cake.

Chick Easter Bunny and Cake

There are also two new games: a spot-the-difference game with a little robot and a maze with roads in a village.

;Little Robot Village Road Maze 2

And last but not least, a zentangle colouring page, a pre-writing exercise and two classic sudoku grids.

Arrows Pre-writing 115 Classic Sudoku 31

All the printables, and much more, are yours with a Pro membership ! Take advantage of our 25% rebate on membership prices (coupon code IStayAtHome)!



Games that you can make and then play:

Checkers Game Forest Animals Game Lego Car Race Tangram


Have a great week!


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