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The prolonged confinement sitation causes worries for many people. Children are of course affected as well. We must do our best to reassure them, explaining that they have to be patient and that everything will eventually get back to normal, but that's not always easy.

The ancient Mayas had a tradition for helping people -- not only children -- sleep better in spite of worries and concerns. This tradition is still present in Guatemala and elsewhere. They make little dolls that you tell your worries to before going to sleep. Then you put the doll under your pillow and when you wake up, the worries are gone.

This is the time to make a "worry doll" for your child or for yourself. In my latest video, I show how you can do this with supplies that you probably already have in your home.


The document that goes with this video contains suggestions for alternate materials in case you don't have what I used.


Schools are closed and all the places where, in normal times, we could take our children are closed as well. Fortunately, many museums make virtual visits available. That makes it possible to see faraway museums, that you maybe couldn't visit otherwise.

Take for example the Museum of Flight in Seattle (USA). There you can (virtually) look inside several airplanes.

When my children were young, they were able to go inside the cockpit of a Boeing 747 during a flight, to see what it was like. Nowadays nobody is allowed in the cockpit anymore. But thanks to this virtual museum, kids can again marvel at the many dials and levers required to operate a big airplane!



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Last week, we published a spot-the-differences game with vegetables, a zentangle colouring page, a pre-writing exercise,

Vegetables Panther Pre-writing 118 (Letter J)

a connect-the-dots picture of a rabbit, a maze with Hansel and Gretel, a colouring page and a sudoku 6x6 with gardening tools.

Bunny 2 Hansel and Gretel Maze Snake Gardening Sudoku 6x6

All printables are yours with a Pro membership. In addition, a Pro membership gives you 40 credits that you can spend any way you want on the website.

During the month of April, take advantage of our 25% rebate on membership prices (coupon code IStayAtHome)!



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