Remembering the victims
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A week has passed already since 22 people were killed in the province of Nova Scotia. The memory of this tragedy is still very much in everyone's mind in Canada.

To honour the victims of this massacre, and in memory of all those who have died of Covid-19, here are two ways to make a memorial candle. I had designed these projects for Christmas, but I think they are just as appropriate in these difficult times.

Candle      Candle

Both projects are free until the end of May.


With the kids at home all the time, many parents say they have a better appreciation for the work done by teachers all year long.

To keep family life pleasant, it is important that everyone contributes their part. Here is a "helping hand" calendar that encourages children to do their part, by proposing one (or more) tasks to perform each day.

Make this calendar with your kids and decide together which chores they will write or draw on pieces of paper inserted in the calendar's hearts. And share your experience in a comment on the website!



Because you are a Pro

In thew new printables published this week, you'll find a spot-the-differences game with a sandwich, a zentangle colouring page with cupcakes, a pre-writing exercise,

Sandwich Cupcakes 1 Pre-writing 119 (Cat with umbrella)

a connect-the-dots picture of a hen, two classic sudokus,

Hen 2 Classic Sudoku 33

a maze and a colouring page.

Snail and Lettuce Maze Dolphin

All printables are yours with a Pro membership. In addition, a Pro membership gives you 40 credits that you can spend any way you want on the website.

During the month of April, take advantage of our 25% rebate on membership prices (coupon code IStayAtHome)!



Pretty flower projects for Mother's Day:

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

Paper Daffodil

Paper Daffodil

Simple Origami Tulip

Simple Origami Tulip

Daisy with plastic bottle caps

Daisy with plastic bottle caps



Have a great week!





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