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Lighthouses represent a romantic side of marine navigation before satellite-based geopositioning systems (GPS). Lighthouse keepers played an essential role in ensuring ship safety near the coast lines.

The lighthouses that are still in service around the world are almost all automated. Since the 1990s, there are very few keepers that live in their lighthouse. One exception was the lighthouse of Cordouan, located at the mouth of the Gironde river, near Bordeaux, France. It has been manned continually since it was built in 1611, until June 2012, i.e. over 400 years later!

Cordouan 2010 marée montante
Lighthouse of Cordouan
Photo © Yann Gwilhoù [CC BY-SA 3.0]


Making a lighthouse is a great summer project, especially with a group of children. Here is a video that shows you how to make a giant lighthouse (2 feet, or 60 cm tall) placed on a rocky headland.

This project does not require any expensive supplies, but there are several cutouts to be made. Divide the work between the members of your group.



If you prefer a smaller individual project, have a look at the lighthouse I created for a workshop at the Science and Technology Museum:



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Because you are a Pro

Among the new printables this week, there is a maze with... of course, a lighthouse. And like each week: a mandala and a Zentangle colouring page.

Lighthouse Maze Mandala 80 Seahorse 1

Plus a wide variety of printables for all age groups: a spot-the-differences game, a page for learning to draw an ant, a pre-writing exercise, a colouring page with otters, a barbecue sudoku, a connect-the-dots drawing of a jellyfish and a math exercise (numbers up to 100).

Let’s Play with the Doll Draw an Ant Pre-writing 29
Otters Barbecue Sudoku Jellyfish The Magic Pot 3


These are our most popular videos on YouTube this summer:

Abacus 3D Robot Planet Earth Peace Dove

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