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A few weeks ago, I showed you how to make "worry dolls" -- actually dolls that remove your worries while you sleep.

Now here is a pretty box to hold your worry dolls during the day, so that they are well rested in the evening. You can make this box from an empty Camembert cheese box.



Today, the Animaplates YouTube channel got its 20,000th subscriber! A warm welcome to all those who found our website through YouTube, and thank you for your support.



I have to tell you about the Canadian Museum of History located in Gatineau (across the river from Ottawa). It is housed in a magnificent building designed by Douglas Cardinal, a famous aboriginal architect who also designed several other public buildings, including the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC.

The Canadian Museum of History includes a very nice Children's Museum. Unfortunately, the museums are closed to the public because of the pandemic, but you can visit several virtual exhibitions as part of the Museum at Home section. I particularly liked the History Scavenger Hunt, that draws parallels between everyday household artifacts and their historical equivalents in the museum.

The Museum's website also contains Educational Resources and lesson plans.

On the left, the Museum and on the right, the curatorial wing. Photo: Wojciech Dittwald / CC BY-SA


Because you are a Pro

This week we published: a colouring page with cherries, a directed colouring activity with a butterfly, a connect-the-dots picture of a tulip, a maze with a frog,

Cherries Butterfly 6 Tulip Frog Pond Maze

two classic sudokus, a pre-writing exercise, and a zentangle colouring page,

Classic Sudoku 34 Pre-writing 121 Heart 5

All printables are yours with a Pro membership. In addition, a Pro membership gives you 40 credits that you can spend any way you want on the website.



Some other projects you can make with a Camembert cheese box:

Cheesebox Tambourine

Cheesebox Tambourine

Ladybug made with a Camembert box

Ladybug made with a Camembert box

Cheesebox Drum

Cheesebox Drum

Spider with a Camembert box

Spider with a Camembert box


Have a great week!





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