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I hope that the Dads among you and among your loved ones had a wonderful Father's Day. It's officially summer now (in the Northern hemisphere)! There's no doubt about that, because it's very hot here. A bit of rain would do the garden a lot of good.

If possible, take advantage of summer to go outside after being cooped up for so long. We are going to do that as well, but we will still send you a newsletter from time to time. And you can always write to me if you have any questions.


Here is a project that, I hope, will cool you down a bit, even if you just watch it. A friend of mine who has a pond in her backyard asked me to decorate some Styrofoam boards that she was going to use as a floating cover to protect her fish.

Every spring, when her water plants are not big enough yet to cover the surface of the pond, the fish are an easy prey for herons and raccoons.

I decided to take my inspiration from Claude Monet and paint water lilies on the boards. The goldfish will be able to hide underneath.



Last week, the Animaplates YouTube channel reached 9,000,000 views. Wow!


June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to bannock. It's a type of frybread made by some of Canada's indigenous people. It looks very good, doesn't it? I am going to try it one of these days!


You'll find the recipe on the website of the Canadian Museum of History.


Because you are a Pro

Many things slow down when the weather is hot, but we continue to pubish printables this summer. All printables are yours with a Pro membership.

Among the new printables that we published recently, you'll find: a connect-the-dots picture of a giraffe, a spot-the-differences game,

Giraffe 2 Funny Boat

two classic sudokus, a maze with a rocketship, and a colouring page with a xylophone.

Classic Sudoku 37 Rocket Maze 3 Xylophone



More summer projects:

Whale Lantern

Whale Lantern

Decoy Wasp Nest

Decoy Wasp Nest

Finger paint: Summer Tree

Finger paint: Summer Tree

Giant Insects

Giant Insects


Have a great week!





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