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It is so hot around here that I imagined an activity that you can do outdoors. With the soap bubble recipe that I show in this new video, you can make big bubbles and see them fly off into the air.


You'll see that the wind sometimes carries them in unexpected directions...


Another way to cool off is to visualize winter and snow. In other words: Christmas in July! Last year, a group of campers had created all kinds of Chrismas decorations included no less that four giant nutcrackers inspired by my model.

You too can get into the Christmas spririt and start now to make a giant nutcracker that you can bring out in December.


Until the end of July, take advantage of a 15% rebate on the instructions for making your own giant nutcracker. Enter the code July2020 in the "Have a coupon?" box on the "Secure Order Form".


Do you know the "impossible" images created by graphic artiste M.C. Escher? Escher plays with perspective and multiple viewpoints to represent structures in two dimensions, but those structures could never exist in three dimensions. Like for example these stairecases:

Escher's Relativity
Source: Wikipedia

In The Hague, in the Netherlands, there is a museum dedicated to the work of this Dutch artist. It was closed because of the pandemic, but it is now open again. You can see a selection of his work on the website of the museum Escher in Het Paleis.


Because you are a Pro

Among the new printables that we published recently, you'll find: a spot-the-differences game with cars, a pre-writing exercise with musical notes, a sudoku 6x6 with beach toy pictures,

Traffic Jam Pre-writing 129 (Musical notes) Beach #2 Sudoku 6x6

a maze with a fish, and a colouring page with a farm landscape.

Fish in the Sea Maze 2 At the farm



Some other ideas for outdoor activities:

Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games

Olympic Torch with a tube

Olympic Torch with a tube

How to make a hot air balloon

How to make a hot air balloon

Sidewalk Paint Recipe

Sidewalk Paint Recipe


Have a great week!





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