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Congratulations to Claudette, winner of our summer contest! Claudette won the book Goodnight, Canada by Andrea Beck.


If you didn't win, better luck next time! Check out the correct answers on the website.


It is summer! The weather is great (some days)! So I won't be talking about Christmas. However, I have a project that requires some serious preparation. You shouldn't wait for December to get started on this one.

If you feel like making a life-size nutcracker this year, start soon and order my book (available on Amazon). This 80-page book contains full-colour step-by-step instructions and all the patterns.


In addition to the book, part of the explanations are also available in videos on my website. There, you can also buy the book in PDF format, if you prefer.



Because you are a Pro

No Christmas printables this week!

We stay focused on the summer with: a beach spot-the-differences game, a maze with islands, a directed colouring page combined with additions and subtractions (numbers up to 5), a colouring page with a windmill, a sudoku, a connect-the-dots drawing of a fish, an addition exercise (numbers up to 20), a pre-writing exercise, a Zentangle colouring page and a mandala.

At the Beach Islands Maze Ice Cream Cone (math and colouring)
Windmill Balls Sudoku Fish 4 Addition - Legs
Pre-writing 30 Feathers 2 Mandala 81


Some projects to make you dream about an island vacation:

Maracas Pirate Raft More fridge magnets Porthole Picture Frame


Have a great week!


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