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There are only a few days left before Halloween, and the kids may not even be able to go trick-or-treating for candy this year. It all depends on your local circumstances.

Spending Halloween night at home can be fun if you have some activities to keep the kids busy. You'll find lots of Halloween project ideas for all ages on the Animaplates website.

Here is a new activity for the little ones: making a pumpkin with magic noodles.



The skeleton I made for Halloween a few years ago got damaged a bit during my various moves. The skull had come off and it had a hip fracture.

To get my skeleton ready for its yearly tour of duty, I repaired it using artistic surgery, as you can see in this video.



Can you imagine how difficult it is to build a railway over mountains? Especially over the Canadian Rockies, in 1881... almost 140 years ago!

Crossing the Rocky Mountains was the last leg of the transcontinental railway that united all Canadian provinces, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. It was a monumental undertaking for the young country that had less than 5 million inhabitants at that time.

I saw the IMAX movie that tells the ingenuity and the perseverance that made it possible to complete this project. This movie is now available for home viewing, and I greatly recommend it. All family members, especially older kids, will enjoy this amazing tale!



Because you are a Pro

We published a lot of new printables for Halloween since my last newsletter. For example: a maze, a colouring page,

Halloween Treasure Hunt Maze Going trick-or-treating

a 6x6 picture sudoku, a connect-the-dots bat and a zentangle colouring page with a witch.

Halloween 2 Sudoku 6x6 Bat 4 Witch

All printables are yours with a Pro membership. In addition, a Pro membership gives you 40 credits that you can spend any way you want on the website.



More Halloween project ideas:

Magic Nuudle Spider

Magic Nuudle Spider

Halloween Prints

Halloween Prints

Bat finger puppet

Bat finger puppet

Cat Lantern

Cat Lantern


Have a great week!





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