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We're under lockdown again here. Fortunately, I have enough to keep me busy; I am already working on a new nutcracker model for Christmas 2021.

In the meantime, since outings in nature are permitted, we took Beaverly to Omega Park so that she could see her friends again. You may remember that this is a big park located between Ottawa and Montreal. Animals native to Canada live there in their natural habitat, and you can observe them from your car.

Watch this video with your kids as a "virtual outing" where Beaverly tells them about the animals of Canada! And see the snack that so scared Beaverly...



Several people told me they were lucky enough to have snow as well, and that they took the opportunity to make a snowman. Excellent idea!

Even if you cannot take part in your usual social activities, it is important to go outside when possible to get some fresh air and recharge your mind's batteries!

Get your inspiration from the snowman I made. Can you do it as quickly as I did?



Some ideas for winter projects:

Finger paint: Winter Tree

Finger paint: Winter Tree



Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

Magic Nuudle Snowflake

Magic Nuudle Snowflake


Have a great week!





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