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The birth of a child is always a special event. The start of a new life holds within it the hope for everything that is still to come. Announcing the happy event to the world (or at least to the people you know) is more than a tradition: it is a pleasure for the parents as well as for those who receive the announcement.

Even in these times, where email has almost supplanted traditional letters, paper cards are still the medium of choice for official messages such as birth announcements.

Here is an easy project that shows you how to make beautiful birth announcements, either for yourself or to help out new parents!



Beaverly News

Last year, Beaverly travelled through France. (She is called Muscade there). She spent a few weeks in Louis Pasteur school in Brittany, and in June of this year the students participated in a project at their local library. They created their version of a flag of Canada!

Read all about it on Beaverly's blog!


This coming school year, Beaverly would like to visit a classroom in Canada! If you are in charge of a class from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 2, find out all about this project here, and register for Beaverly's Book Club!



Because you are a Pro

This week, there are again several summer-themed printables: a Zentangle colouring page with beach sandals, a soccer (football) maze, a camping sudoku and a connect-the-dots drawing of a beach ball.

Sandals Soccer (Football) Maze Camping Sudoku 2 Beach Ball

And also: a spot-the-differences game, a mandala, a page for learning to draw a potato beetle,a pre-writing exercise, a colouring page with an astronaut, and an exercise for learning to count by 6.

Let’s Play with Cars Mandala 82 Draw a Potato Beetle
Pre-writing 31 Astronaut Counting by 6


More cards that you can make yourself:

Card with a Ladybug Simple Origami Tulip Butterfly Card Tulip Card


Have a great week!


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