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Spring is coming and this year, we may hope that the warmer seasons will also bring us closer to the return to a more normal life.

Whatever is ahead, good times should be celebrated and Easter is definitely a good occasion to celebrate. The rebirth of nature is symbolized by the eggs we give at Easter, be it handpainted chicken eggs or yummy little chocolate eggs.

Have a look at "Box Bunny", an Easter Bunny gift box that can really bring an Easter present to the person you give it to. It's made from a Camembert cheese box and you can fill it with chocolate eggs.



Another way to make an Easter bunny filled with little eggs is to start from a paper coffee cup.

In either case, you end up with a nice gift, or an original way to decorate a table for an Easter meal!


Because you are a Pro

There are many printables with easter bunnies on the Animaplates website. For example: pages for learning to draw, connect-the-dots games, colouring pages, directed colouring pictures and math and colouring exercises.

Bunny (method 1) Bunny Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny 1 Rabbit and eggs (math and colouring)

All printables are yours with a Pro membership. In addition, a Pro membership gives you 40 credits that you can spend any way you want on the website.


Have you seen my video about the chocolate bomb I received as a gift? Don't worry, it did not explode! When you pour hot milk on this "bomb", it melts and you get a delicious cup of hot chocolate.


More project ideas with bunnies:

Bunny Stamp

Bunny Stamp

Rabbit Puppet

Rabbit Puppet

Rabbit print

Rabbit print

Paper Bag Rabbit Puppet

Paper Bag Rabbit Puppet



Have a great week!




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