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Less than 2 weeks to Mother's Day! Unless, of course you don't celebrate it on Sunday May 9th this year. In the U.K. and Ireland for instance, it was on March 14 this year, and some other countries celebrate Mother's Day on yet a different date.

But since the second Sunday in May is the designated date in almost 80 countries, you will find lots of ideas for little make-it-yourself gifts in this newsletter. Mother's Day is especially important again this year for Moms who cannot receive visitors because of lockdown rules.


Here is a nice flower made with an egg carton. I painted it blue, but everyone can of course choose the colours and vary the decorations according to their own taste.

In this video, I show a model of flower with two series of petals. I plan to show you other types of flowers in future videos.



You don't have an egg carton? No worry, here is a daisy made with plastic bottle caps. Choose the colours depending on the bottle caps you have.

And if you can, collect bottle caps because there are lots of projects where you can use them!



If you don't have enough bottle caps to make a daisy, you might just have a small plastic bottle, e.g. a water bottle?

With the bottom of a plastic bottle, you can make a pretty flower. This technique also allows for a lot of creativity in decorating the flowers.



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More project ideas for Mother's Day:

Pretty brooch for Mother's Day

Pretty brooch for Mother's Day



Heart-shaped pendant

Heart-shaped pendant

Butterfly Card

Butterfly Card


Have a great week!





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