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Hi {firstname},


I hope that the mother's who celebrated Mother's Day last Sunday had a beautiful day, given the circumstances.

My project this week is a nice card, not only for Mother's Day but for any occasion.

In this project, I use wine corks to paint a stylized flower on a greeting card.



As you may have noticed, I like to do projects with recycled materials. I hate throwing out things after only one use, like wine corks, plastic bottles and their caps, egg cartons, cheese boxes, etc...

Aside from reducing waste, reusing objects that you have already will cut costs and make artistic expression affordable for more people.

Here is an other example of things that you can use for a painting project, rather that throwing them out: the styrofoam trays used to package all kinds of foods, fruits, vegetables, meat and even some cookies.


I used them for what I call styro-engraving. It's like block printing or linocut, but since styrofoam is a lot softer than wood or linoleum, it can be done without sharp tools (gougers) that may be dangerous for kids to use.

See the video to learn more about this technique!




More small gifts made with recycled materials:

Hat made with a Camembert box

Hat made with a Camembert box

Making a Recycled Candle

Making a Recycled Candle

Hat Brooch or Magnet

Hat Brooch or Magnet

A flower for Mom

A flower for Mom


Have a great week!





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