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Beaverly News

Beaverly is back home! In September, she'll continue her travels through schools, but she wanted to use the summer vacation to meet with her friends here.

During her stay in the region, Beaverly visited MosaïCanada, an exhibition of plant sculptures that represent all provinces and territories of Canada. Listen to her story and discover the surprising creations that she saw there!




A very popular video this summer is the turtle race. Not surprisingly, because what could be more refreshing than a game with water, especially if you built it yourself?

If you haven't watch it yet, do it now. The document that accompanies this video contains the pattern for making the turtle.



Because you are a Pro

Summer is still with us, so here is a spot-the-differences game with a fishing boy, a beach maze, and a sudoku with outdoor play structures.

Fishing Beach Maze Outdoor Play Sudoku 2

The other new printables this week are: a pre-writing exercise, a directed colouring page, a drawing of a helicopter to colour, a Zentangle colouring page with a hummingbird, a connect-the-dots elephant, a counting exercise with farm animals, and a mandala.

Pre-writing 32 Fairy 2 Helicopter 2
Hummingbird 1 Elephant Classify and Count - Farm Animals Mandala 83


Quote of the week



More ideas for outdoor activities when the sun shines:

Outdoor Games Sidewalk Paint Recipe Sailboat Race How to make a hot air balloon


Have a great week!


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