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Almost all children are fascinated by dinosaurs at one time or another. These giant reptiles that lived on Earth so long ago continue to captivate many adults as well.

So what could be more fun for a child than to pretend they are a dinosaur? In my new video I show you how to make a hat that imitates the spikes that certain dinosaurs had on their head and back. It's easy to make with coloured bristol paper and some glue.



I created these dinosaur crests for a visit with my grandchildren to the Prehistoric World park in Morrisburg, Ontario. That visit was a big success! In my next newsletter I'll show you more of that beautiful park.


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Some activity ideas for the summer:

Raft Race

Raft Race

Giant Insects

Giant Insects

Soap Bubbles Recipe

Soap Bubbles Recipe

Caterpillar in Salad

Caterpillar in Salad


Enjoy the rest of your summer!





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