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For many of you, it's back-to-school time. Maybe you are already back in school, maybe you will be soon. Since you're probably very busy, I'll keep this newsletter very short.

I hope that Animaplates will give you ideas and resources all year long to help you in your work with children. For example, our site contains several projects to decorate your classroom, like this easy border.



Because you are a Pro

The new printables published this week are: a Zentangle colouring page with hot air balloons, a spot-the-differences game, a mandala, a maze, a pre-writing exercise, an exercise combining math and colouring, a colouring page, a picture sudoku, a connect-the-dots apple, and an exercise on the multiplication table of 7.

Hot Air Balloons I love my stuffed animal Mandala 85 Umbrella Maze
Pre-writing 34 Whale 2 (math and colouring) Palette
School Sudoku 4 The apple and the ants Counting by 7

All these printables are included with a Pro membership.


Have a great week!




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