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For Mother's Day, nothing beats a little gift made by the kids themselves. In this newsletter, I offer some suggestions. See also the Mother's Day section on the Animaplates website.

Let's start with this new hat shaped brooch. For mothers who don't wear broooches, it can easily be made into a fridge magnet.



Another way to make a brooch (or decorative magnet) is to use a piece of an incomplete puzzle. Rather than throwing out an entire puzzle because some pieces are missing, recycle the pieces to make original crafts. Everyone can add their own creative spark, and no two brooches will be the same.



Because you are a Pro

This week, we published: a Zentangle colouring page of a fish, a spot-the-differences game with a castle, a mandala, a page for learning to draw a ladybug, a bunny maze, a pre-writing exercise, a colouring page with a bouquet of tulips, a flower sudoku, a connect-the-dots picture, and an adding exercise.

Fish 1 Castle Mandala 68 Draw a Ladybug
Rabbit Family Maze Pre-writing 17 Tulips
Flowers Sudoku Teapot Addition - People


Little home made gifts for Mother's Day:

Fridge magnets Jewelry Case Making a Recycled Candle Heart-shaped pendant


Have a great week!


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