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Beaverly spent the summer vacation in her park and now she's eager to go on a journey and visit schools.

If you are a teacher in a class from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 2 in Canada, invite Beaverly into your classroom. You will receive lots of printable resources and at the end, we'll reward you with an Animaplates Pro membership!

Get a workshop in your class I will come and lead a workshop in your class if you are the first teacher to register in the area of Ottawa/Gatineau or Montreal!

For all the details, read Beaverly travels. And join Beaverly's Book Club!


NOTE: Last year, one teacher already registered from the United States. We're definitely open to extending Beaverly's journey to the U.S., but we'd like to give priority to Canadian schools at this time.


Because you are a Pro

This week, we published: a spot-the-differences game, a page for learning to draw a hot air balloon, a maze with Little Red Riding Hood, a pre-writing exercise, a picture sudoku about school, a connect-the-dots alarm clock, and an addition exercise.

Sew those buttons Draw a Hot Air Balloon Red Riding Hood Maze 2
Pre-writing 35 (Cat) School Sudoku 5 Alarm Clock Addition #4

And also, three types of colouring pages: a Zentangle drawing of a dove, a mandala, and a colouring page with a pirate.

Dove Mandala 86 Pirate 

All these printables are included with a Pro membership.


The Animaplates website contains many resources with an apple theme. Here are a few of them:

Apple Block Prints Little apples Finger paint: Fruit Tree Apple


Have a great week!




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