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September 21 is International Peace Day. The Animaplates website contains resources to help you organize an activity for this important annual event.

Peace Dove Peace Dove Peace Day Poster Paper Doily Dove


A video that I published last year is getting a lot of views again this season. As the leaves are starting to fall (at least in the Northern countries), they are an inspiration for art, like these leaf silhouettes made with coloured pencil dust.

The picture is revealed after you remove the leaf. You could almost say that the absence of the leaf becomes its presence. (Let's stop here - I am getting too philosophical).



Because you are a Pro

Here is a Zentangle drawing of the Scorpio zodiac sign (October 23 - November 21), and for Peace Day, a colouring page with a dove.

Zodiac: Scorpio Dove

The other new printables this week are: a picture sudoku with trees, a connect-the-dots picture, a counting and adding exercise,

Trees Sudoku Coloured pencils Addition - Fruits and Vegetables

a maze with a princess and a knight, a pre-writing exercise,

Kinght and Princess Maze Pre-writing 37

a spot-the-differences game with mushrooms, a mandala, and a page for learning to draw grapes.

Mushrooms Mandala 88 Draw Grapes

All these printables are included with a Pro membership.


Have a great week!



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