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I like to explore new painting techniques. This week, I want to share with you a technique that allows you to print an image of a corncob.


If you try this project, put a picture of your result in a comment on my site!


Another, very different printing technique uses engraving on styrofoam trays, like the ones used to package food in a supermarket.

It also allows you to get great results, for example to represent autumn leaves. The difference with other engraving techniques is that this one is very safe, even with young children.



Because you are a Pro

The new printables that were published this week are: a Zentangle owl colouring page, a spot-the-differences game with a bear, a mandala, a maze with a squirrel, a pre-writing exercise, a directed colouring page, a colouring page with a backpack, a picture sudoku with traditional costumes, a connect-the-dots submarine, and a counting exercise.

Owl Bear and Honey Mandala 89 Squirrel Maze
Pre-writing 38 (Flower) Pirate 1 School Bag Traditional Costumes Sudoku 2
Submarine Count the Donkeys

All these printables are included with a Pro membership.


More Fall projects:

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Have a great week!



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