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These days, I look out on a patio covered with grapevines, and that inspired me to show you a new way to represent a bunch of grapes.

This time, I used corks. The grapes on the patio are not the kind you can make wine with, so I had to get my corks from elsewhere...

This craft can be kept simple, but in the video I also show some details that can be added if you want.


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Do you like finger painting? I find that it's a technique that allows everyone to get nice results, even those who are not so comfortable with a paint brush.

I applied this technique to paint trees in different seasons. See for example this video where I show how to paint a tree in autumn.



Because you are a Pro

The new printables published this week are: a spot-the-differences game with forest animals, a mandala, a maze with a hedgehog, a pre-writing exercise, a directed colouring page, a sudoku and a counting exercise.

Forest Animals Mandala 91 Hedgehog Maze Pre-writing 40 (Tree)
Apple Trees Creative Activities Sudoku Count the Objects 2

And also some Halloween activities: a Zentangle colouring page with a bat, a colouring page about Halloween night, and a connect-the-dots picture of a pumpkin.

Bat Halloween Night Pumpkin

All these printables are included with a Pro membership.


Here are three other ways to represent grapes, and a "word search" printable about grapes. This printable is free for all our members until October 12. Get it while you can!

3D Grapes Plastic Bottle Cap Grapes Painting Grapes Grapes


Have a great week!





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