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My YouTube channel now has over 5 million views and over 9000 subscribers (up from 5000 at the start of this year). A big thank you to all those who view my videos, like them, write comments, or otherwise engage with Animaplates. You are the reason I am doing this!



It's not too late yet to start working on your Giant Nutcracker! Get the instructions in PDF format or in the form of a printed book and you will see exactly how to proceed!


A giant nutcracker is a beautiful decoration for your home, your classroom, your workplace or for a special event. Larry in the U.S. made two nutcrackers and put them on his front porch!



Because you are a Pro

The new printables published this week are: a Zentangle picture of a squirrel, a spot-the-differences game with African animals, a mandala, a maze, a pre-writing exercise, a directed colouring exercise based on the table of multiplication by 4, a colouring page with a flying saucer, a picture sudoku, a connect-the-dots truck, and a counting and adding exercise.

Squirrel African Animals 2 Mandala 95 Bathtub Maze
Pre-writing 44 Table of 4 (multiplication and colouring) Flying Saucer 2 Art Sudoku 2
Truck Classify and Count - Toys

All these printables are included with a Pro membership.


Some project ideas for Memorial Day / Veterans Day:

Poppy Poppy Wreath Poppy or Cornflower Poppy Field


Have a great week!





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