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Here is an idea for a Mother's Day card. Painting roses is not easy, but with this original technique, even children can do it!


Happy Mother's Day to all mothers who celebrate this special day next Sunday!


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Because you are a Pro

This week, your new printables are: a Zentangle colouring page, a spot-the-differences game, a mandala, a maze, a pre-writing exercise, an exercise on the multiplication table of 2, a colouring page, a sudoku, a connect-the-dots kangourou, and a math exercise called the "magic pot".

Teapot Cake Mandala 69 Little Pandas Maze
Pre-writing 18 Table of 2 (multiplication and colouring) Vase 2 Kids Sudoku
Kangaroo The Magic Pot


A few more ideas for Mother's Day:

Hat A flower for Mom Butterfly Card More fridge magnets


Have a great week!


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