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Because Mother's Day and Father's Day are celebrated on different dates throughout the world, I have a project this week that can be used to make a gift for either occasion.

You can choose to make a pendant or a keychain, depending on the preferences of the person you are making this for. Isn't that versatile?



Because you are a Pro

This week, we have published: a Zentangle colouring page with a turtle, a spot-the-differences game, a mandala, a page for learning to draw a snail, a maze, a pre-writing exercise, a colouring page with forest animals, a sudoku, a connect-the-dots picture, and a classification exercise.

Turtle 1 Umbrella Mandala 70 Draw a Snail 2
Butterfly Maze 2 Pre-writing 19 Animals in the forest
Birthday Sudoku Bird House Classify and Count - Pirates


The most downloaded projects in May, so far:

3D Robot Hat Brooch or Magnet Peace Dove Paper Bag Frog Puppet


Have a great week!


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