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Valentine's Day is in two weeks from now, on Wednesday, February 14. Did you know how this tradition started?

Saint Valentine was a priest who died as a martyr. At the time of Valentine, Emperor Claudius “the Cruel” had abolished marriage. In spite of the ban on marriage, Valentine encouraged young couples to come and see him in secret so that he could give them the sacrament of marriage. When Emperor Claudius learned about these secret weddings, he ordered that Valentine be arrested and imprisoned.

While Valentine was in prison, he befriended the daughter of his jailor. She was blind but he made her see again. It is said that before being beaten and decapitated, Valentine gave the girl heart-shaped leaves on which he had written “from your Valentine”.

You can read the complete story on our blog.


Our most successful Valentine's Day project this year is the stained glass heart. One teacher who sent us a comment wrote that the instructions contain:

"Great ideas about how to make this work with 7 year olds and not end up with a mess, but a beautiful heart! Thanks!"



If you are looking for a project to do with younger children, have a look at this heart made with the outlines of a child's hands. It's very cute and it can be used to make a very personalized Valentine's card.



There are many other project ideas for Valentine's Day on the Animaplates website, too many to mention them all in detail here. Go to the Valentine's Day section and discover them by yourself!


Because you are a Pro

Here are a few printables pertaining to Valentine's Day: a sudoku of hearts, a crossword puzzle with Valentine words, a maze with romantic cats, a connect-the-dots picture and a Zentangle colouring page.

Hearts Sudoku Valentine's Day Cats and Heart Maze
Heart Heart 1


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