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Soon it will be the Year of the Dog, according to the Chinese Zodiac. On this occasion, I made a dog puppet from a paper sandwich bag.

If you prefer, you can use the same patterns to make an articulated paper doll, with its head, ears and legs that can move.


Because there exist many types of dogs, I included patterns for three different dogs. That way, everyone can choose their preferred kind!


Puppets are great for illustrating stories, e.g. 101 Dalmatians or The Lady and the Tramp.


Because you are a Pro

The Animaplates website has a lot of activities with dogs. Use the Search function with the word "dog" and you will see!

Here are a few: a maze, a page for learning to draw a dog, a spot-the-differences game, a colouring page, and a directed colouring exercise.

Dog Maze Dog
The Dog and His Bone Dog Dog with bone


The Olympic Games start on Saturday. If you organize a sports competition on that occasion, why not make your own trophy?

Here is a First Prize trophy made with recycled materials.



Other projects related to the Olympic Games:

Finger painted Olympic Torch Olympic Torch Olympic Torch Cupcakes Olympic Torch with a tube


Have a great week!





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