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Chinese New Year (Feburary 16 this year) is the start of two weeks of celebrations that culminate in the Lantern Festival. At this festival, children and their parents go out in the street at night carrying lanterns.

Here are three models of lanterns that you can make yourself. The first one is made from a small recycled plastic box (e.g. a box that contained cherry tomatoes).


The second model is made from a Camembert cheese box.


And finally, here is a lantern made with paper plates. For all these projects, I strongly recommend the use of LED candles to avoid fire hazard.



Because you are a Pro

Here are a few of our printables for Chinese New Year: a Zentangle drawing of a lantern, a colouring page with a dragon, and a picture sudoku.

Chinese Lantern Brave Dragon Chinese New Year Sudoku


Some last minute ideas for Valentine's Day:

Romantic Card Stencil for Valentine's Day Rice Krispies Hearts Valentine Card


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