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Have you ever made a craft projects with pompoms? You could make your own pompoms with remnants of wool! I found some multi-coloured wool, that allowed me to make a very special pompom.

Here is a new video in the Tips and Tricks section of the website, where I show you step by step how to make a pompom.


I will soon publish a new project that uses pompoms. Stay tuned!


With paper plates, you can make beautiful animal masks. A very educational exercise is to observe animals (at the zoo or in pictures in a book or on the web) and then to try and represent the head of the animal by painting it on a paper plate.

For example, here is a mask of a tiger.


The document that explains this project includes a version for little ones, as well as three pages full of interesting facts about tigers.



Because you are a Pro

Did you know that your Pro membership also gives you access to puppet plays?

Puppet Plays

For each play, the downloadable document contains two parts: a “director’s copy” which includes stage directions, and a “puppeteer’s copy” which contains just the dialog.

You can also use the text of the plays as a story to tell to children.

If you don't have a Pro membership yet, upgrade now!


Some of the animal masks that you can find on the Animaplates website:

Horse, Donkey, Zebra Mask Monkey Mask Panda Mask Cheetah, Jaguar and Leopard Mask


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