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Because March 17 (Saturday) is Saint Patrick's Day, I am using green ink to write this letter ! Green is the colour associated with Saint Patrick since the Irish rebellion against the British in 1798. The rebels adopted the shamrock (clover) leaf and the colour green as their national symbols.

Today, these symbols are still associated with the feast of Saint Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. Saint Patrick's Day is not only celebrated by the Irish and their descendants throughout the world, but by all those who see it as an occasion to have fun, to wear green, to sample Irish food and to drink green beer.

Green Beer


The leprechaun is a legendary creature from Irland, that is often talked about around Saint Patrick's Day. Leprechauns are little bearded old men, dressed in green (of course).

Leprechauns live at the end of a rainbow, where they hide a pot filled with gold coins. Take part in Saint Patrick's Day tradiditions and make a pot of gold from a 2 L plastic bottle, and fill it with chocolate gold coins !



Because you are a Pro

The Animaplates website has several printables with leprechauns. Here are a few: a maze, a colouring page, and an exercise for counting leprechauns.

Saint Patrick's Day Maze Leprechaun Count the Leprechauns

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More Saint Patrick's Day projects, including a recipe:

Card for St Patrick's Day Leprauchan Hat Stained Glass Shamrock Rice Krispies Shamrocks


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